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Mariachi Sol Mixteco from White Plains, New York offers you a variety of packages and services that you can choose from. The price os the mariachi services can vary depending on what you are looking for. We are confident you'll find something of your excellent taste and budget. Make your event an unforgettable memory with your family and friends and hire a professional Mariachi for your area. We can personalized a services that will fit your special event according to your taste.


Mariachi Trio


Our trio is great for a small serenade, quite places, limited space or just for a small budget.


Perfect for Grandma's or Grandpa's birthday, Kids Birthday, Office Birthday or Celebration, Mother's day, Father's Day, Small reunions or short serenades.


 Trio is ensamble by three guitar players.


Available in NYC, Bronx and might be available for other areas depending on day and area. Please call to see if your area is in the list.


*Musician might be different form the videos and pictures. 

Mariachi trio is available in Manhattan and the surrounded areas. Please call to see if trio is available in your area.

Basic Mariachi Band


This is our most popular size band and is perfect for that event where you want just the basics of the instrumentation of the traditional mariachi but big enough for that mariachi surprise for your special event and guests.


This Mariachi Group has one of the each instruments basics of the mariachi: a violin, trumpet, guitar, guitarron and vihuela. Includes female and male voices.


Our most requested band for birthdays, serenades, engengements proposals, weddings, sweet fifteen, corporate events, mother's day, father's day and more!

Mariachi MID Gala

This size band is called Mid Gala because is a mid size band compare to a traditional mariachi band but bigger than our basic band.  Perfect for a wedding, a special sweet fifteen or any extra special event. 


Mariachi Mid Gala is a luxury that will make your event extra special. 

Our Mid Gala Band has everything a basic has plus another trumpet and violin with a total of a 6 -9 ensamble. As well as female vocalists and male vocalists. 

Mariachi DiAMOND

 Our Mariachi Diamond is the full mexican expirience, a true Mexican tradition. es un agazajo tradicional mexicano, es un grupo autentico de Mexico.

Mariachi Diamante es nuestro grupo especial para ese memento inlvidable o ese evento tan especial.

Una serenata con un Mariachi Diamante Tradicional, es una elegancia total! El lujo perfecto para una boda, XV años, cumpleaños super especial, sorpresa especial o cualquier tipo de evento. 

Mariachi Diamante tiene todo lo de un mariachi basico y Media Gala mas un Arpa por un total de 10 a 12 integrantes incluyendo sombreros.


Here's a list of mariachi songs that you can choose from, according to your event. This song list does not limit the repertoire that we can play at your event, so if you have a song or songs that you'd like us to play at your event, just send us message to see if we have the songs and help you get the best selection for your event. 

Don't le corona stop you from celebrating your loved one!
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